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The Beanie - 45€

Made in Italy with a wool and cashmere blend, the beanie is the accessory you can't do without this winter. Warm, durable and super soft.

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Fibra di lana merino pregiata

Merinos wool combined with cashmere

We used a carded yarn composed of 90% Australian merino wool and 10% Mongolian cashmere. Merino wool, the softest among the wools, together with cashmere make the beanie extremely soft even in contact with the skin. Who usually don't wear wool will love it too.

A modern icon

The wool beanie is one of the most popular and used hats of the 2000s and has all the credentials to become over time an icon that will distinguish the style of our days.

Lana no peeling
Fibra di lana merino pregiata

Versatile style

There are many interpretations of this hat, we designed it using the ribbed technique and with a versatile shape. It can be worn with a single folded edge, a classic, or with double folded edge, pulled low or tugged higher, for a more modern and sophisticated look.

Sciarpa Tela Blu

To wear every day in the city and during mountain weekends

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