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DENIM - 98€

Handmade in Italy

Our denim is made entirely in Italy, starting from the fabric to the manufacture of the trousers, handmade in Umbria.

Candiani Denim

The Greenest Mill
in the Blue world.

Fibra di lana merino pregiata

Candiani Denim

Meet Candiani, our revolutionary denim producer. Unlike traditional producers, to create premium jeans, the structure recycles 100% of the material used, it relies on alternative energy sources and reduces the consumption of water and chemicals.

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Pre-Reduced Indigo

70% less chemicals

To reduce the use of chemicals in the Denim dyeing process, Candiani uses only pre-reduced indigo and other natural dyes. This saves up to 60% of chemicals compared to traditional dyes.

Fitting Room Tela Blu


The most intense wash, equivalent to 24 months of denim wear.

Qualità prodotti Tela Blu


A soft wash, equivalent to 12 months of denim wear.


The natural color of denim, as soon as it comes out of the frame.


Made according to tradition

Fibra di lana merino pregiata

13 Oz.

The weight is the first thing that counts in a jeans, because the heaviness corresponds to the number of threads used in the weaving of the canvas and is measured in Oz. 13 and 14 Oz is the canvas that identifies the original jeans.

Ring Canvas

It is a type of spinning used to make a particularly sought-after fabric. The shuttle of the shuttle frame undergoes twisting during the weaving at irregular speeds such as to create small irregularities and forming small knots typical of this type of cloth. This makes the canvas valuable and of particular charm.

Tela Ring
Denim Sostenibile Denim Sostenibile Denim Sostenibile

Try the new generation of Denim, handmade in Italy respecting the environment.

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