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Irish Linen



The linen shirt is made with the most noble fibers of Irish linen. Its 100% linen composition together with its lightness make it an absolute must have of this summer season

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The Fit

The fit of our linen shirt, thanks to the side folds, follows the classic fit of the iconic linen shirt that should not dress too tight. An elegant shirt for a casual look.


The neck is soft but can be stiffened with the removable stubs supplied. The cuff is reinforced with a lightweight canvas, so you can roll up the sleeves without giving up quality and elegance.

Garment dyed

The ability of linen to absorb water makes easier the dyeing processes allowing to obtain an infinite chromatic range. The most used colors for the shirts are, in general, lighter and natural shades that characterize the classical and elegant style of this fabric.


A superior linen


The reason why linen coming from this land is the most appreciated in the world lies in the complexity of its production. In fact, linen requires experience and skill in every aspect of the production process. In Ireland the production of linen was introduced by the Huguenots around 1600. Since then a center of unparalleled excellence has been developed.


A story started a long time ago

It seems that the Phoenicians, with their commercial activity, brought linen to Europe from Egypt, where it was woven 6000 years before Christ. Its fame was due to first of all for its beauty, but also to its insulating, thermoregulatory, resistance and comfort properties.

Choosing a Tela Blu linen shirt means choosing an elegant and versatile garment. For those who want to dress in a practical way, without giving up with elegance, the linen shirt is the perfect garment for a smart casual outfit.

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