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Regular fit. Three easy colors. As comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt, definitely more elegant.

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Combed American Cotton

American Cotton

The fiber of the yarn comes directly from the American cotton belt, where technological innovation and tradition comes together to create the best cotton in the world. We have selected only extra long fiber cottons, this means greater softness and above all greater resistance than standard cottons.

Combed yarn

The fibers are brought to Italy, where they are processed to make the yarn. Among the various processes we have chosen to include combing. During this process about 30% of the raw material is discarded, eliminating the shorter fibers and impurities. In this way we have obtained a more resistant yarn with a shaven and homogeneous aspect.

Fine fibers, compact yarn

In order to obtain a fresh but rich-looking knit we have combined a very fine fiber, fineness 12, a high degree of compactness, using a greater number of needles in the processing of the yarn. This has also helped to make the sweater softer and more resistant to use over time.


Natural movements

The regular fit and the absence of cuts and seams, allow the crewneck to move on the body in a natural way when worn.

Lightweight but compact. You can use the crewneck in the springtime instead of the jacket, maybe over a Chino or a pair of jeans. You can wear it even in the fall, under a coat or jacket.

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