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Plain Cotton

Plain Cotton

The 60s Tee

Quella maglietta era semplice.

Plain Cotton

The 60s Tee

The original plain t-shirt was as simple as a "white canvas", devoid of drawings, writings or images, and yet it imposed itself as an innovative and successful piece in the male wardrobe.

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The spread of the T-shirt as a popular garment was during '60s. During that decade some sex-symbols, such as Marlon Brando or James Dean, started to wear it in famous movies and influence the American fashion trends.


The rules

Our T-shirt follows the rules that have made it an iconic piece: a simple style, made of a plain color and fresh and light jersey.

The Style

A tapered fit crewneck without being too slinky. All the seams are made with open-ended hems for a more refined look and resistance. We have carefully studied the height of the collar neck and the depth of the neckline to maintain a smart and casual style.

The Fabric

The fabric is made of pure cotton. It is combed and it has a 24/1 thread title, which gives the fabric a compact but lightweight look. A very pleasant experience on the skin.

The Colors

The colors are classics and fits to all looks: The "authentic" white for those who want to wear the original iconic tee. The navy blue for those who like to dress casual with a sophisticated cut. The grey melange for a look with a touch of sportswear. The garments are made of yarns that were first dyed and then woven to make the plain jersey.

"There are clothes that are essential in everyday life, simple, basic items that are loved by everyone."

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