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High quality, low markups

We design high-quality modern classics for daily wear at fair prices.
How? Simply eliminating middlemen margins and passing these savings on to you

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World's finest fabrics

At Tela Blu, we are concerned with classic essentials rather than trends, we want you to wear our pieces for years to come.

How it's made


"Pass-partout garments for a simple, portable and stylish wardrobe."

"By eliminating part of the traditional distribution chain, they are able to offer a quality product at affordable prices."

"A classic, quality line for everyday use."

"Prices are 50% lower than those of the most important brands in the sector, thanks to the lack of intermediation."

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Fitting Room Tela Blu


Visit us in Turin. Enjoy the Tela Blu experience.

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How it's made

Find out which are the ingredients we take care in our process for quality

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Our commitment

We want to make premium quality clothing affordable. Find out how we do it.

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