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High quality, low markups

Tired of overpaying for high-quality products we created Tela Blu to offer the garments we like at fair prices

We redesign the apparel distribution model selling directly to you, so we are able to cut-off wholesale traditional markups and reduce the final price up to 50%

High Quality

We believe high-quality is the result of a mix of curated ingredients. Our obsession about quality starts with the right yarn and fibre and continue through your shopping experience in our stores

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Friendly prices

Skipping traditional middlemen’ markups we reduce the price up to about 50%, for a given quality garments

Shopping for men

We promise not to waste your time, once you step into Tela Blu you will immediately find or not what you are looking for. We would rather make one exceptional piece than three mediocre ones, so it will be very intuitive surfing into our catalog. We deliver your orders in few days wherever you want

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"Pass-partout garments for a simple, portable and stylish wardrobe".

"By eliminating part of the traditional distribution chain, they are able to offer a quality product at affordable prices."

"A classic, quality line for everyday use."

"Prices are 50% lower than those of the most important brands in the sector, thanks to the lack of intermediation."

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Fitting Room no. 1

Visit us in Turin. Enjoy the Tela Blu experience

How it's made

Find out which are the ingredients we take care in our process for quality

Shopping for men

Find out, step by step, the simplicity of our shopping experience

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