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Informal, but chic. Youthful but with a history of respect. Simply Bermuda, the summer pants with Caribbean origins.

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Modern - Classic

We chose to manufacture the garment respecting the rules of tailoring as you can see from the absence of seams on the belt or on side pockets. Only a classic tailoring manufacture allows you to create garments without stitching.

The rules

Classic Bermuda

Bermuda Island

Bermudas became a must have for the Americans who spent their holidays in the Bermuda archipelago in the 1930s and 1940s. Here it was used, both in everyday life, as a casual and fresh garment, and in formal occasionsa with shirt, tie, jacket, socks and moccasins.


Never too wide or too tight, its best fit is "relaxed". The cut that enhances the most is undoubtedly the one with the straight leg and an enveloping shape of the seat.


The ideal fabric is soft and fresh, like pure cotton, a guarantee of impeccable portability. Cotton is a perfect summer weave that ensure freshness and lightness as well as ease of washing and drying.


White, light blue, sage green

In summer, the most appropriate colors are the neutral ones. We decided to select three traditional shades: white, light blue, sage green.

Ideal with linen shirts, cotton pullovers and sneakers or moccasins.

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